So, two days riding left, one big climb (and it's a monster at the end of tomorrow), some things we have learned...

1. People in Spain and Portugal are generally the same as the rest of the world and fall into one of three categories, really friendly and helpful, really surly and unhelpful. Or drunk.

2. Spain is stunning, the border between Spain and Portugal is stunning (and unmarked), Portugal (the bits we've been through) less so.

3. It's also relentlessly hot, even the 'cool' days have been high thirties. Dehydration hurts a lot.

4. Stock up on supplies when you can there's a whole load of nothing out here.

5. The RV was a good idea but rubbish in practise. After two nights of no sleep, we abandoned it an headed for hotels.

6. Do things like this with your mates, the banter keeps the boredom and tiredness at bay.

7. Buy the damage waiver on an rv.

8. Don't eat double helpings of chorizo. Bean, sheep's cheese and tortilla stew for lunch if you have 50m to do in the afternoon.

9. Wash your clothes when you can.

10. Have an amazing family waiting for you at the end.



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    We're 4 cyclists and one driver riding from the North Coast of Spain to the South Coast of Portugal for charity.


    August 2012